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Our desk and processes were designed from the ground up to ensure that you receive the custom level of care that you need when it comes to digital asset trading. Our trading coverage, asset pools and experience enable us to quickly and reliably facilitate trades across volume sizes with no compromises or order complications.


Execute OTC trades at the most competitive rates with zero volatility and slippage risks


Intuitive end-to-end trading services get your trades processed with minimal hassle or fuss.


Our platform ensures trades are settled in minutes to quickly give you access to your funds.


Our trading services support BTC, ETH, USDT, EUR and beyond for coverage of widely used assets.


We comply with all European regulations and AML policies to offer complete peace of mind.

4 Step Trading Process

We strive to combine timely trade executions and post-trade settlement with the highest levels of customer service professionalism. Our globally positioned dedicated Client Service team provides access to all major digital asset markets and will gladly guide you through every step of the way, making trading easy, flexible and private.


Get Started With An Account

Trading with NjordX Finance is easy! To get started, simply contact our teams with your preferred currency and anticipated trade volume. From there, we’ll start working you through the onboarding process.


Complete Onboarding

To fully set you up as one of our clients, we’ll require the following pieces of information—a piece of Government Identification, Business Activity Details, Proof of Residence and Income and your Account Statements. This mandatory process enables us to fully vet each prospective client.


Place Your First Order

Once all of the documents have been signed and the process is complete, you’re ready to begin trading via our secure messaging and service platform. This results in quick and convenient trades. When you’re ready, simply send us a message with your desired trade details, including digital asset type and amount. Our client team will offer a trade summary prior to execution.


Settle The Trade

With the trade confirmed, our teams will provide you an invoice outlining the exact details of the transaction. Once our Compliance Team examines your assets and clears the transaction, the trade will be completed and deposited to your digital wallet. Currently supported currencies: BTC, ETH, EUR, USDT.

Let’s Get Started

We look forward to helping you make the most of today’s most popular digital assets!

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